Friday, July 10, 2009

selton selton

super cute band we saw while we were at park guell in barcelona last winter, they go by selton selton.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


we took a road trip from sf to florida in june. it was my first cross country road trip and it was pretty amazing! we attended our second bonnaroo in manchester, tennesee, its by far the best music festival i have been to. some highlights of the show would be snoop dogg, david byrne, andrew bird, bon iver, animal collective and girl talk. from there we camped at st. josephs peninsula in florida, which was absolutely gorgeous, but was extremely humid and infested with mosquitoes. so i would recommend not going in the summer! next stop was new orleans, which i fell in love with! it's such a old and enchanted city. live music, delicious food, obscure record stores, affordable antique shops and friendly people. off to austin where we spent most our time at barton springs, where i would build a treehouse and live if i could. our last stop were the carlsbad caverns in new mexico, it was surreal. here are some of my favorite food spots along our trip!

gigi's cupcakes in nashville

the bar-b-q shop in memphis

cochon, new orleans

yum, oyster bacon sandwich!

johnny's po boys, new orleans

snow cones in austin

the salt lick, austin